Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide television viewers with consistent, high quality program and channel information, wherever they may seek it. Our products ensure that businesses serving those viewers can manage and deliver such information in the most efficient way possible, backed by a friendly and knowledgeable staff that provides the best service and support in the industry.

About TitanTV, Inc

TitanTV, Inc. is the broadcast industry's foremost online software and information provider. It delivers real-time tools for signal prediction, PSIP metadata, desktop and mobile guides, waiver compliance and more.

TitanTV also provides a suite of program scheduling tools that enable broadcasters to efficiently maintain their schedules, whether for a single station or in a "Central Command" scenario in a station group where one station is responsible for maintaining the schedules of many others. A contract management component ensures syndicated series and movies are aired according to the terms of their respective contracts.

The company also maintains the consumer sites, TitanTV.com, a free online television guide, and AntennaWeb.org, a site dedicated to enabling consumers to discover the number of over-the-air channels available from local broadcasters and how to choose the correct antenna to receive them.

TitanTV is an independent company located in Cedar Rapids, IA.