Signal Prediction Services For Enterprise

Digital broadcasting allows stations to transmit multiple channels, boosting the number of channels available off-air. Coupled with frustrations over increasingly expensive subscriptions, a cord-cutting trend has been fueled in which consumers are exploring more affordable alternatives to cable and satellite. TitanTV's proven signal prediction technology provides the most accurate solution available and can be easily integrated and leveraged to serve these motivated consumers.

One example of our signal prediction technology is, a consumer-centric site designed to allow cord cutters to make more informed decisions. Manufacturers of consumer electronic devices, antennas and others can benefit by informing potential customers of the number of free local channels that may be received at a location by installing the proper antenna. Consumers of over-the-top (OTT) content providers (like SlingTV) can supplement the channel lineup they receive through their streaming service with the local channels that are available via an antenna.

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Chief Engineers all over the country use TitanTV’s free online application, Antenna TechSpecs, to maintain an accurate picture of their station’s coverage area. Based on TitanTV’s patented technology and proprietary data, the signal area map product allows you to create a true coverage map of your marketplace in vivid, accurate detail. Learn more about how signal area tools benefit our clients.

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