STELA Compliance Tool

The STELA Compliance Tool allows broadcasters to respond to waiver and challenge requests for Out-of-Market Service efficiently and consistently. By minimizing the viewers lost to an out-of-market network service, the STELA Compliance Tool helps protect the broadcasters’ location-based copyright and income stream.

STELA Compliance Tool Plus Features

The STELA Compliance Tool still offers the powerful "Plus" features for waiver and challenge* processing such as sorting and filtering, but now all processing can be done in one centralized application.

*Challenge Plus is only available for ABC Affiliates

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Locate Viewer

TitanTV's Locate Viewer makes it easy to pinpoint a viewer's location in relation to your station's signal area. The location is determined by simply entering either an address or latitude/longitude coordinates into the tool. The location is also automatically saved for later reference.

Available free with a subscription to the STELA Compliance Tool Plus version. Locate Viewer not only shows you the viewer's location, but also provides critical information like dBu, DMA and +/- Grade A/Grade B values. Other benefits include optionally displaying DMA and/or county boundaries on the map, the geocode precision level for the location and a listing of all the towers serving that location.

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