What to Watch, When and Where to Watch it

TitanTV What's On is a convenient program listing service that quickly showcases station's programming line-ups. This flexible tool can be easily added to any website to help promote your local programming.

Increase Your Pageviews

What's On can be configured to highlight and display the station's to-the-minute schedule or prime time programming. Simply drop in a snippet of HTML provided by TitanTV onto your site and immediately start driving traffic to your TitanTV listings.

Take Control of Your Listings

For broadcasters who want more control over the look and feel of the program listings, TitanTV What's On is also available as an XML data service or TitanTV's hosted service. These formats can be modified, creating a custom display that mirrors the station's branding.

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*Widget shown is for illustration purposes. Only data service is provided by TitanTV.

What's On For Your OTT Platform

As viewers are consuming more OTT linear live streaming, use a custom TItanTV What's On data feed to create your own What's On widget on your platform to inform viewers what is on next.

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*Example of a custom built widget on a Roku App using TitanTV’s What’s On Data Feed.

What's On Opportunities & Benefits

What's On gives clients the option to feature any range of station program data absolutely anywhere on the station website, provides support for digital multicasting, gives a display schedule for linear Over-the-Top channels, can integrate live streaming video schedule & link to player, will link to your station's full schedule view via your unique TitanTV Program Guide, integrates with MediaStar Suite to instantly reflect schedule changes, and is available with hosting and maintenance by TitanTV.

For additional examples of TitanTV's What's On click here.

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