MediaStar Suite

MediaStar Suite provides a powerful and efficient set of management tools that allow broadcasters to confidently oversee their program schedules, program contracts, and program listing data. This suite of tools includes MediaStar Scheduler, Contract Management Edition (CME), PSIP and ESG Data Services.

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MediaStar Scheduler is the ultimate program schedule management tool, providing the flexibility and control needed to maintain your station's’ program schedules. This tool helps to streamline your operation and ensures you’re up-to-date with the latest technology. Learn how our scheduler will work for you.

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MediaStar Manager is a flexible program management tool, giving your station the control needed to maintain program schedules and generate customized reports. With a few less features than MediaStar Scheduler, MediaStar Manager using is a single web-based platform that allows you to you can streamline efficiency and eliminate redundant, time-consuming data entry.

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MediaStar Editor is a simple, yet effective program editor. The online system lets broadcasters make program level changes to their PSIP data files, ESG data services, and TitanTV Guides. Keep your consumer-facing program data updated in real time. Click to learn more.

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Contract Management Edition (CME) is a flexible, efficient and reliable online tool that manages program contracts for broadcast stations. Designed to work in unison with MediaStar Scheduler, CME alerts stations to costly over-runs before they happen. The two integrated systems help broadcasters centralize the access and storage of essential contract information, while also actively tracking program runs and episode inventory from within the program schedule. Contract management has never been easier, learn more about the many benefits of working with TitanTV.

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TitanTV is constantly seeking opportunities to continue to help stations eliminate redundant data entry, which is why we've established partnerships with organizations such as RedBee Media, NewsON, FreeWheel, and Comscore. Learn more about how these partnerships benefit everyone we work with.

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