PSIP Data Services

PSIP (Program System Information Protocol) is the standard file format that stations feed into the PSIP generator. The PSIP data is transmitted along with the digital television (DTV) signal which then shares important station and programming information. In turn, the ATSC 1.0 tuner inside a digital television will display the information for consumers to view via an electronic program guide (EPG).

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Keeping Your Program Data Current

MediaStar PSIP is customized to interact with the MediaStar Suite, enabling station personnel to plan, change and publish their base schedule in real-time. The MediaStar Suite of program management tools provides a one-step publishing process, which in addition to updating PSIP data also updates the station's TitanTV Guide services and the national listings guide at MediaStar PSIP is able to be delivered in a variety of formats including the industry benchmark, PMCP (Programming Metadata Communication Protocol).

As required by the digital broadcasting transition that took effect in February of 2009, the FCC requires PSIP information to be a part of broadcasting signals and updated regularly. For full compliance, stations must update their PSIP data to match programming which is preempted, runs over the allotted time frame or undergoes any other change.

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ATSC 3.0

TitanTV ATSC 3.0 ESG services are built on our robust delivery platform. Updated to include Rich-Media content, TitanTV can support the Next Generation TV with responsive Program Guides and Service Announcement (A/332) metadata services.

Outstanding Performance

Since before the digital television transition, TitanTV has been offering PSIP service. We produce files compatible with systems from Triveni, DTV Innovations, Thales, T-Vips, Adtec Digital, Nevion, Thomson Video Networks, Comark, Hitachi, Adaptive Video, D2D Technologies, Anywave Communications, and others.

We process hundreds of PSIP profiles daily for major broadcast groups including Bahakel Communications, Entravision Holdings, Nexstar, Gray Media Group, ABC, NBC, FOX and Univision television stations.

PSIP Partners

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