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TitanTV Inc. offers a variety of professional and custom services to help your business succeed. We offer a wide assortment of tools designed for television broadcasters, satellite TV, Cable and Over-The-Top (OTT) providers. On top of that, our services can be tailored to your business goals as well.

Data Services

Data Services provided by TitanTV are the most trusted source for over-the-air, cable, satellite, and live streaming TV listings. Since its launch in 2000, the TitanTV line of products have been at the forefront of electronic program guides and TV data. TitanTV Data Services supplies accurate and flexible listings that help guide audiences through the ever-changing world of television programming. Household level data based on our proven Signal Strength Service (SPS) is a key enabling technology.

Our data services offer established user base & brand recognition, real time broadcaster updates, national level OTA - cable and satellite lineups, multiple data formats, and custom web services.

Connected to TitanTV's MediaStar Suite of program schedule management tool, over 900 stations have the ability to make last minute changes to their daily schedule.

Now offering rich media content to enhance and encourage a more active experience on guides. Rich Media will include show cards, program images, cast & crew information, and more.

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