MediaStar Editor

MediaStar Editor is a simple, yet effective program editor. The online system lets broadcasters make program level changes to their PSIP, ESG data files and TitanTV Guides. Keep your consumer facing program data updated in real time.

Publish Changes & Maintain Schedules

Using MediaStar Editor, broadcasters can edit multiple schedules through one access point, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple accounts. Stations can add, edit and delete programs up to fourteen days in the future and instantly publish those changes to the station's PSIP, ESG streams and TitanTV program guides.

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Audio & CC Default Controls

Broadcasters can set and maintain audio and closed captioning (CC) defaults at the station level, ensuring that their PSIP data is always FCC compliant.

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Access to the Global Program Library

MediaStar Editor users have exclusive access to the MediaStar Global Program Library (GPL), a robust database with over 2.6 million TV, movie and episodic records. GPL gives users the opportunity to build and manage custom program lists, making individual program edits quick and painless. With GPL, users can filter through their custom lists or search the entire database for additional programming by entering in the program or episode title(s).

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MediaStar Editor Comparison

MediaStar Editor is a simple program editor for easy maintenance of PSIP, ESG Streams and TitanTV Data Services. Take a look at the comparison chart to see how it stacks up.

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