MediaStar Scheduler

TitanTV created and now offers the ultimate program schedule management tool, providing the flexibility and control needed to maintain your station's program schedules.

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Streamline Your Operations

With its integrated suite of powerful tools, MediaStar Scheduler streamlines your station's efficiency and eliminate redundant, time-consuming data-entry. Manage program schedules, program listing data and generate reports from a single web-based platform.

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Never Fall Behind on Technology

Since its initial release, our developers continue to strive to perfect MediaStar Scheduler, adding new features, enhancements and intuitive user elements. These frequent updates make it easier for both individual stations and station groups to stay on top of new broadcasting regulations and trends.

MediaStar Scheduler High-Level Features

  • Comprehensive management of Program Schedules including digital sub-channels, live streaming, OTT, & NextGen TV
  • Access to MediaStar's Global Program Library
  • Program Scheduling Defaults to save and load predetermined program options
  • Dynamic Distribution of programming across channels
  • Bulk update, restore, and import options
  • Multiple access rights: Full and View-Only
  • Event Color Management
  • Real-time, multi-channel schedule Publish to PSIP, ESG, TitanTV Guide & Data Services,
  • Quickly locate past and future programming with the Search feature
  • Manage Recurring Events with Copy, Detach, Attach, and Shift Episode Functions.
  • Quick Edit Feature allows user to quickly insert breaking news and reorder programming.

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Customizable Reports

  • Create reusable templates to generate vital reports
  • Streamline workflow with shared reports
  • Apply schedule grid color-coding standards to reports
  • Set filters to limit range of program data displayed
  • Print, save and email reports in .CSV or .PDF formats
  • Upload and print station logos on the cover sheet
  • Custom print sizes for better display of large reports in PDF
  • Integrated Comscore reporting of as-run programming

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Dynamic Distribution Feature

  • Maintain one channel and distribute the data to two or more channels
  • Create field-level distribution rules for each channel
  • Distribute blocks of programs spanning multiple days
  • Adjust for time zone differences between source and each destination channel
  • Publish multiple channels simultaneously and auto publish
  • Create sandbox channels to setup alternative schedules
  • Networks can publish changes quickly to affiliates

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Traffic Integration (Under Development)

  • Seamlessly publish schedule changes made in MediaStar Scheduler to the Traffic system
  • Track transitional actions between systems
  • Generate detailed As Run Reports
  • Currently seeking Traffic pilot partners
  • Data Exchange-pushing schedules electronically to data providers

MediaStar Scheduler Comparison

MediaStar Scheduler offers an integrated suite of powerful tools and reporting options to streamline workflows and eliminate redundant data entry.

Achieving Results – MediaStar Scheduler Feedback

“I've been using MediaStar for more than a decade, and I can't image going back to the old way of producing program schedules using worksheet software. WIth the included database resources and ease of use, MediaStar is a must have for stations losing or reducing personnel due to budget cuts.”

— Isaac Turner, KMSS, Program Director

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