Contract Management Edition

Contract Management Edition (CME) allows you to keep your contracts and program schedule in sync. It's a flexible, efficient, and reliable online tool that manages TV contracts for broadcast stations. Designed to work in unison with MediaStar Scheduler, CME alerts stations to costly over-runs before they happen. The two integrated systems help broadcasters centralize the access and storage of essential contract information, while also actively tracking program runs and episode inventory from within the program schedule.

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Calculate Contract Costs with Amortization

Being able to easily calculate and track amortization schedules for both program and movie contracts is essential to the daily operations of broadcasters. It is also one of the many reasons why the MediaStar Suite's new CME stands in a class of its own. CME includes straight line, double declining balance, sum of the digits, custom, and 4-4-5/4-5-4/5-4-4 amortization plans.

CME High-Level Features Include:

MediaStar Contract Management Edition offers users a built-in interface with MediaStar Global Program Library, which enables synchronization between contract parameters and program schedule usage. Users are also able to view available content inventory and accurate play-tracking when scheduling programs via MediaStar Scheduler. CME provides intuitive and quick access and input of contract data, accommodation of legacy plays for existing contracts, and creates customizable reports for tracking usage of assets with optional fields, filters, and templates. Users are also spoiled with the alert warnings for contract time frame violations, and multi-level, multi-user secure access that comes standard.

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