TitanTV, Inc. Announces the Launch of a Redesigned AntennaWeb Website

Posted on February 11th, 2020 by TitanTV, Inc.

TitanTV, Inc. is happy to announce the relaunch of our website, AntennaWeb.org.  This site allows consumers to discover how many free over-the-air channels they are able to receive from their local broadcasters as well as to make more informed decisions about “cutting the cord.”

We redesigned AntennaWeb from the ground up, with a refreshed look that emphasizes responsive design, an updated navigation menu, and a new logo we feel better represents our effort to connect television broadcasters and viewers. Responsive design permits the site to seamlessly adapt to the smaller screens of phones, tablets and other handheld devices.

Find Over the Air Channel Options

When you enter your address or ZIP Code into AntennaWeb, our new Results page shows you the number of local stations available at that location, the total number of channels available and their network affiliations, information about the recommended antenna types, and options that allow you to compare antennas from the participating vendors. 

Need help visualizing where you live in relation to the local television towers?  Simply click a button to view a map that displays your location and the distance and direction to each of the towers. 

AntennaWeb also features one-stop shopping.  After comparing available antenna models, if you are ready to make a purchase, clicking a link will take you to the product page of the chosen vendor where you may complete your transaction.

Education and Resources for Consumers

AntennaWeb is one of the most trusted sites that provides location-centric station information. We also help consumers better understand the quick-changing landscape of their television viewing options.

On our redesigned site, you will also find resources to help explore your cord cutting options and how to find the right tools and services that will allow to continue to watch many of your favorite channels and shows while also saving money on cable or satellite subscriptions.

  • The News section has curated articles of interest that are periodically updated to share information on the world of cord cutting and over-the-air television viewing.
  • What is Repack? This area is devoted to educating consumers and viewers about the FCC’s Repack program and what it means when local stations direct antenna users to rescan their televisions.
  • Under the Antenna Info section, you can find more information about the Consumer Technology Association’s color-coded labeling system and how it can help you choose the right outdoor antenna for your needs. 
  • The Partners page is where we acknowledge and appreciate some of the organizations and groups that we are proud to work with.  AntennaWeb is the only antenna locating website partnered with the Consumer Technology Association and the National Association of Broadcasters.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

Rest assured, your information is safe. The address or ZIP Code information you enter will never be sold or shared with anyone. 

We encourage you to explore the new site and keep up to date with news from AntennaWeb by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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