Complimentary Coverage Area Products Available from TitanTV, Inc.

Posted on January 28th, 2016 by metro_admin

Free Applications Help Broadcasters Visualize Coverage Areas and Discover the Locations They Serve Within Their Markets

Cedar Rapids, IA – TitanTV, Inc. today announced the availability to broadcasters of two free products, Antenna TechSpecs and Signal Area Map, that allow stations to better visualize their signal coverage areas before – and after – the Federal Communications Commission’s auction of a portion of the broadcast TV spectrum.

While the full impact of the auction, scheduled to begin on March 29, 2016, will not be known for several months, it is certain that some broadcasters may elect to go dark, some could choose to become cable and/or satellite-only stations and others will move to other frequencies.

Antenna TechSpecs

Up-to-date technical data about a broadcaster’s transmitters is vital to ensuring its coverage area is accurate. Antenna TechSpecs is designed to allow a station’s engineering staff to periodically review, validate, and, if necessary, update the technical parameters of its antennas.

In addition to listing each antenna’s technical details, the application also contains an interactive coverage map. This feature allows authorized users to selectively view the areas served by individual translators as well as the combined area covered by all of its transmitters.

Signal Area Map

TitanTV’s Signal Area Map application allows a station’s personnel to view a detailed map of its signal coverage area and its geographic and market boundaries. To ensure accuracy, coverage maps are updated each month with the latest technical data gathered from Antenna TechSpecs and other sources.

The use of graduated colors on the map provide a visual sense of signal strength throughout the coverage area. The maps allow a station’s engineering and sales staffs to discover where its signal reaches within its designated marketing area.

For access to these free products, contact TitanTV at or call 1-800-365-7629.

About TitanTV, Inc.

TitanTV is the foremost online software and information provider to the broadcast industry. The company’s powerful tools allow broadcasters to maintain their stations’ schedules more efficiently. TitanTV’s corporate website may be viewed at:

Its broadcaster-centric products include MediaStar Scheduling, Contract Management Edition, PSIP Data Services, TitanTV Guide & Data Services, STELA Compliance Tool and more.

For consumers, the company also maintains, a free online television guide, and, a site that informs consumers how to choose the correct outdoor antenna to receive the available off-air channels from local broadcasters.

More information about TitanTV and its products and services is available at

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