MediaStar’s Direct Data Reporting Makes Sending Broadcasting Reports Effortless

Posted on April 12th, 2024 by HSteffen

Latest Update to Direct Data Reporting Feature
Automates Creation and Sending of Schedule Reports to TiVo

TitanTV Inc., announces its latest update to MediaStar’s Direct Data Reporting (DDR) feature. DDR collects a station’s schedule information, processes that data, generates comprehensive reports and sends them to select major data services in a single, seamless operation. 

This update to MediaStar now includes TiVo among the list of major data services that receive digestible broadcasting schedules by DDR. Before the addition of the DDR feature to MediaStar, it was necessary for a station to perform the time-consuming and error-prone task of manually gathering its data, converting that data into a provider-specific format, and sending the file to that data service provider. This process must be repeated to generate reports for each of the data service providers.  

In DDR, the collection, processing, formatting, and electronic transmission of the report data to each selected data service is now automatic. This process allow our selected data service providers to more easily deliver broadcast schedules to their respective customers. The DDR now generates and sends reports in the provider-specific file formats for major data services such as Tivo, Red Bee Media, Gracenote, and TV Media.

“Our client stations rely on MediaStar to help them resolve programming and reporting issues,” stated Heidi Steffen, Chief Revenue Office, TitanTV, Inc. “One common topic among them was the time and labor-intensive task of creating and sending their programming reports to the broadcast industry’s data services.” 

“The need to find a better way to get program data updated across the guide services drove us to create Direct Data Reporting,” added Steffen.  “A task that used to take our clients hours to complete may now be performed in minutes.”

Heidi Steffen, CRO of TitanTV, Inc

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