In Lieu of NAB Show 2021 – Webinar Series

Posted on October 6th, 2021 by HSteffen

Though the 2021 NAB Show has been cancelled, we want to stay in touch with our clients and provide an opportunity for them to learn about the different products and/or feature updates we have been working on over the last year at TitanTV. Click on the individual webinar links below to register for one or more presentations in the “In Lieu of NAB Show 2021″ webinar series.

Sneak Peak of MediaStar 4 – Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 2pm ET/1pmCT/11amPT.

In lieu of the 2021 NAB Show, we are providing a sneak peak of our new MediaStar 4 that will be officially released in 2022. Here is your opportunity to see what we have been working on for the next version of MediaStar and to provide your feedback.

Let help your viewers find your NEXTGEN TV channels – Wed. Nov. 4th at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT

With the launch of NEXTGEN TV and the rollout of television sets with ATSC 3.0 receivers in them, it is now the time to help your viewers find your NEXTGEN TV Channel. Let help you do that. AntennaWeb now includes NEXTGEN Channels in the results on the website. There is also a section that helps educate consumers about what NEXTGEN TV is and how they can watch it. Heidi Steffen will walk you through the site and what it has to offer your viewers.

Addressable Asset Identification Standard for NextGen Distribution– Friday, November 19th at 2pm EST/1pm CST/11am PST

TitanTV, Inc, has been working with others in the broadcast industry to develop the Addressable Asset Identification Standard (AAIS) in association with NextGen Distribution. We will review TitanTV’s contribution to the development of the new standard.  We will also discuss how  MediaStar Scheduler will be used to enhance efficiency in the AAIS workflow. We are anticipating several other companies involved with the AAIS to join us on this webinar.  The description for this webinar and its participating companies will be updated as plans are finalized.

Performing content replacement in live linear program content can be difficult or impossible due to the ever changing nature of live events.  Some of the most valuable opportunities to serve consumers on their mobile, desktop and large screen devices exists in live streaming content.  Add in the complexities of replacement rules that surround “Server Side” and “Client Side” applications and we find a recipe for missed opportunities.

The Addressable Asset Identification Standard for NEXTGEN Distribution (AAIS) project seeks to resolve these issues.  AAIS creates standard process to include: the registration of advertising and program assets using Ad-ID and EIDR services to quickly and accurately identify material assets,  share and update live log made by operations with listing services and content replacement engines and create a common process and nomenclature for reconciliation down to the client application.

AAIS defines the process from scheduling to air to the reconciliation of client activity in addressable media.  By standardizing naming, signaling and reconciliation process across all media platforms. 

Let the EPG Help Convert Consumers to NEXTGEN TV – Wednesday, December 8th at 2pm EST/1pm CST/11am PST

Let the EPG help convert consumers to NEXTGEN TV with a user experience similar to OTT, but with customization alternatives that fit your station’s brand. Heidi Steffen will discuss providing an engaging user experience with your EPG with the options that are available to provide different metadata and rich media in your ATSC 3.0 signal. She will also discuss the available tools that allow you to provide customization to the metadata and rich media.

Direct Data Reporting – Wednesday, December 15th at 2pm EST/1pm CST/11am PST

Heidi Steffen and Chelsea Stumpff will introduce you to Direct Data Reporting, a new feature in MediaStar Scheduler.  This new option under the Reports menu allows Scheduler users to electronically send schedule reports directly to the major U.S. Data Providers.  They will also review which data providers the reports may now be sent directly to and explore timeframe for the anticipated acceptance of this new feature by the remaining data providers.  This new way of sending weekly/monthly program reports to the major data providers will reduce report processing time and eliminate the possibility of human error through the several steps in the current manual processing system.

All webinars will be recorded for later review.  The link to the video for a webinar will be sent to everyone who registered to attend that webinar.  If you are interested in one or more webinars but are not able to attend the live presentation, please register for those webinars in advance to ensure you will be notified about when and how you may view the video.  All webinars will also be posted on our YouTube Channel-TitanTV Inc. Subscribe to the Channel to get access to all of our recorded webinars.

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Heidi Steffen
Heidi Steffen -SVP Sales & Marketing

Heidi Steffen is responsible for leading the marketing and sales departments at TitanTV, which allows for clear communication and a the creation of consistent messaging between the two. Her story at TitanTV began in 2007 when she was an entry level account manager.

Previous experience within the broadcast industry helped Heidi develop the ability quickly identify a client’s needs, and develop a solution that best fits those needs. Her foresight has proven to be highly valuable as she is able to stay on top of the constantly evolving broadcast industry. This foresight allows preemptive measures to be taken that addresses any technology or advancements that may disrupt the industry.

She is very proud of what she has been able to achieve since joining the team, working her way through the ranks all the way up to SVP, Sales & Marketing in 2015. Heidi’s success is a direct result of the hard work she exhibits every day, striving to please the clients TitanTV serves.

Heidi has a degree from Cornell College in International Business, with an emphasis on marketing, and Russian. She enjoys spending time outside of work with her family and volunteering. Heidi is a dedicated volunteer for The Linn County Fair as the Marketing Manager, and on the Cedar Rapids SalesForce User Group for Non-profits.

Chelsea Stumpff – Broadcast Tools Product Manager

Since 2007 Chelsea Stumpff has been calling TitanTV, home. She is highly talented which is why she finds herself wearing many hats such as offering support to the marketing department, assisting with marketing literature, tradeshow planning, and general marketing duties. She was promoted to Broadcast Tools Product Manager and leads the product development team with her experience of TitanTV’s products over the last 14 plus years. Last, but not least, Chelsea also provides customer support by offering users of TitanTools education and training to enhance their efficiency.

The relationships Chelsea has fostered and strengthened with clients has given her the reputation of being a trusted source of information. Clients take note of her dedication and optimistic outlook, both of which draw them in closer.

As a Waldorf University graduate with a degree in communications and marketing, Chelsea has used her background to help develop her strength of explaining TitanTV’s tools in a way that simplifies things for users.

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