PSIP 103 – All your questions answered about 1.0 & 3.0 PSIP Data & Hardware

Posted on July 23rd, 2020 by HSteffen

Marge Johnson of TitanTV, Inc and Mick Schmidt of Heartland Video Systems, Inc joined forces for the PSIP 103 Webinar to answer questions in regards to ATSC 1.0 & 3.0 related to PSIP Data and Hardware.  In case you missed it or would like to review the Webinar video click here to see the full webinar.

PSIP Data Expert: Marge Johnson – Technical Support Analyst,
TitanTV, Inc,

Marge Johnson oversees technical management of the station management databases and PSIP files created for stations, answers clients’ questions, and troubleshoots reported problems. Marge’s hard work and dedication has helped her in mastering station management and PSIP, a vitally important set of skills to possess within this industry. Clients love working with Marge because they know she will always try and do what is right.

PSIP Hardware Expert: Mike Schmidt, Senior Systems Engineer,
Heartland Video Systems, Inc,

Mike Schmidt has worked at Heartland Video Systems since 2003.  He was trained in the satellite communications field in the US Navy from 1984-1990 and worked in California at various VSAT manufacturers until moving back to Wisconsin to work at HVS. 

Mike has been focused on MPEG and PSIP for the last 17 years at HVS and has installed and commissioned hundreds of ATSC 1.0 systems.  A few years ago, HVS decided to build an ATSC 3.0 lab which Mike headed up.  He has installed four ATSC 3.0 systems in markets as well as spent hundreds of hours with the lab system and manufacturers to work out bugs, chart performance, and document interoperability.

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