TitanTV and ATSC 3.0

Posted on May 23rd, 2018 by TitanTV, Inc.

Beginning with the ATSC 1.0 Standard, TitanTV, Inc. established its position as a leader in the reliable and timely delivery of PSIP data.  TitanTV strives to be involved early on as new innovations and standards emerge and we have succeeded in helping industry partners demonstrate new advancements.

Through trial projects, such the ATSC-M/H (mobile TV extension to preexisting terrestrial TV broadcasting standard ATSC A/53) experiment, TitanTV provided sample data throughout the project’s lifecycle, allowing meaningful “real world” demonstrations of this test standard to be conducted.

Extending our industry-leading data service to support the ATSC 3.0 Electronic Service Guide (ESG) capability is now a high priority for the staff of TitanTV.

In 2017, TitanTV began acquiring and incorporating the rich media content (program show cards, movie posters, cast photos, etc.) that complements the traditional textual metadata of TV listings.  We worked closely with the NAB and other partners to supply the enhanced metadata for the ESG demonstration at the 2017 NAB show.

2017 NAB PILOT ATSC 3.0 Demo displaying TitanTV’s acquired logos and show cards.

TitanTV was also involved with the recent Phoenix Model Market headed by PearlTV.  Behind the scenes, TitanTV’s data drove the TV Listings app demonstrated at CES 2018 and again at the NAB Show this past April.

This is a representation of an ESG under the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard features rich media elements to enhance the viewing experience.

TitanTV is well positioned to meet the evolving 3.0 ESG needs and is leveraging the new data today within our newly released TitanTV Next Gen Guides.  Adding rich media to the station-centric guides enhances the user experience and is helping to prove out new workflows to support it.

TitanTV’s partner device and antenna manufacturers rely on our Signal Prediction Service (SPS) to illustrate which channels can be received at any location nationwide.  Work has already begun to incorporate the ATSC3.0 transmitting towers into our Coronado Technical Data Warehouse so accurate signal predictions can continue to be made.

AntennaWeb.org, our popular site that allows consumers to discover the number of over-the-air stations available at their location and the type of antenna needed to receive them, is built upon this signal prediction service and will also be relaunched in 2018.


Mick Rinehart
TitanTV, Inc.

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