Addressable Asset Identification Standard Webinar

Posted on November 15th, 2021 by HSteffen

Addressable Asset Identification Standard for NextGen Distribution– Friday, November 19th at 2pm EST/1pm CST/11am PST

TitanTV, Inc, has been working with others in the broadcast industry to develop the Addressable Asset Identification Standard (AAIS) in association with NextGen Distribution. Heidi Steffen will be joined by several guest of the participating companies to explain the new proposed standard and walk through the workflow from the content side to the advertising side.

Heidi will review TitanTV’s contribution to the development of the new standard. She will also discuss how MediaStar Scheduler will be used to enhance efficiency in the AAIS workflow. To learn more and to register click here.


Heidi Steffen, SVP – Sales & Marketing, TitanTV, Inc.​

Special Guest include: 

Jim Dechant, VP – Technology, News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting
Brett Angell, Sr. Director – Client Solutions, Freewheel
Yonah Levenson, VP Group Director Information Services, AD-ID
Richard W. Kroon, Director of Technical Operations, Entertainment Identifier Registry Association

Performing content replacement in live linear program content can be difficult or impossible due to the ever changing nature of live events.  Some of the most valuable opportunities to serve consumers on their mobile, desktop and large screen devices exists in live streaming content.  Add in the complexities of replacement rules that surround “Server Side” and “Client Side” applications and we find a recipe for missed opportunities.

The Addressable Asset Identification Standard for NEXTGEN Distribution (AAIS) project seeks to resolve these issues.  AAIS creates standard process to include: the registration of advertising and program assets using Ad-ID and EIDR services to quickly and accurately identify material assets,  share and update live log made by operations with listing services and content replacement engines and create a common process and nomenclature for reconciliation down to the client application.

AAIS defines the process from scheduling to air to the reconciliation of client activity in addressable media.  By standardizing naming, signaling and reconciliation process across all media platforms.

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