Webinar: NEXTGEN TV – ATSC 3.0 Guide Data

Posted on June 3rd, 2021 by HSteffen

You are invited to join us for a joint webinar with TitanTV, Inc, Unisoft
, and S&T as we discuss NEXTGEN TV – ATSC 3.0 Guide Data.
See first hand how your station can create, manage, and make last
minute changes to your 3.0 channel’s ESG (electronic service guide) Data
in real time. 

Webinar: Wednesday, June 9th at 2pm EST/1pm CST/ 11AM PST

Heidi Steffen of TitanTV, will walk through MediaStar Scheduler and
demonstrate how the last minute program change is updated in the
system and sent out through TitanTV’s ESG Data Service. Guy Hadland of Unisoft, will walk through how the ESG Data Service is then pushed
through their ATSC 3.0 delivery system and out to the end device. 

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Heidi Steffen, SVP of Sales & Marketing of TitanTV, Inc. TitanTV provides a suite of schedule tools that enable broadcasters to efficiently maintain
their schedules. TitanTV also delivers real-time tools for signal prediction, PSIP & ESG metadata, online guide, and more

Guy Hadland, CTO of UniSoft Corporation. UniSoft is a supplier of ATSC 3.0 delivery systems and a systems integrator.

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