Do your viewers always know “What’s on TV?”

Posted on March 14th, 2018 by TitanTV, Inc.

“What’s on TV?”  Viewers today use their devices to find out what you’re airing, so make sure you give them a compelling, accurate program guide.

Among the most essential function that broadcasters and media companies require of their digital platforms is the ability for their viewers to learn about their programming.  Linear television is appointment viewing (whether by watching a scheduled program or setting a DVR) and making that appointment requires accurate and clear program listings.  And as the number of content channels proliferate, it is no longer simply about listings for the main broadcast channel – it is also about diginets and upcoming expansion of digital capabilities promised by ATSC 3.0.

We believe there are two key questions that every viewer wants answered on a broadcasters’ web sites and mobile platforms:  “What’s on TV?” and “What are the programs about?”

The “What’s on TV?” question is more transactional, and viewers demand a quick answer.  A viewer may be planning their evening and seeking a lineup of programming on a broadcaster’s station, or even across that broadcaster’s content offerings.  To address this, TitanTV provides a widget called, appropriately, “What’s On”.  This basic listings widget sits on a website or in a mobile experience and provides a basic run down of local programming.  The What’s On widget may be configured to display what’s on now or your primetime lineup.  It fits nicely into almost any digital experience.

The “what are the programs about?” question implies that some viewers are seeking to learn more about the content that broadcasters are offering.  This education is particularly crucial when introducing new content streams to viewers as they seek to understand what is available to them.  TitanTV’s “Next Gen Guides” are engaging, informative listings that feature program descriptions and illustrated show cards, providing a way to preview and excite viewers about programming.  These enliven the digital experience and allow viewers to interact with your listings in a whole new way.

Regardless of how broadcasters inform their viewers about their programming, it is essential that the listings are clear and accurate, and up-to-date.

While TitanTV’s guide services come with basic tools to edit and update the listings, TitanTV’s MediaStar Scheduler customers enjoy full integration of electronic program guides with other services. This means the program schedule may be maintained in a single location and auto-updated within existing program scheduling workflow.  Accurate, always-up-to-date schedule can then be used for comScore reporting, updating sales systems, and updating on-air PSIP, in addition to the electronic program guides.  This brings program listing accuracy and consistency across the scope of operations.

Make sure that your viewers always know “What’s on TV?” and “What are the programs about?”

Christopher W. Kelly
Chief Executive Officer
TitanTV, Inc.

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